Something furry down that drain

Keeping your plumbing in good shape is all about the right maintenance and that includes staying on top of all the drain issues that can crop up. Tradesman in the field will tell you that this part of your water services should be kept free from grease and hair, but there are other things they can’t really prepare you for.

There’s been at least one report of a lady phoning a plumber to release a squirrel that got caught in her toilet. She found out she had one of these furry intruders as a guest when she saw a tail sticking out of the bowl. Lots of jobs that plumbers take on often need a strong arm to take apart pipes way down in the sewers, but this situation needed a little more finesse.

The professional started by trying to pull the tail to free the rodent. When that didn’t work, he needed to lift the bowl up and gently pull the stunned rodent out like he was a doctor helping with a birth.

It’s all in a day’s work for these drainage toronto experts that know how to look after leaky faucets, as well as the pipes under your home, and hot water heaters too.

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