Different supply pipes for your water services

Like everything else that makes for a complete plumber service, there have been improvements over the years in the supply lines for your water services that give you more than a few choices. Take a look at the variety below but remember to consult with a professional before you make any final choices.

Rigid copper pipe is the modern choice used in home construction today. It can be soldered together or fit with compression fittings. One of the advantages to this type of water supply line is the durability of the material. However, as a DIY’er, you’ll need to master simple soldering if you plan on using this material.

There are more modern choices and one of the more popular is the Flexible Braided-Steel Supply Line. These are often the favored pick of homeowners since they are flexible, tough and fit together with existing connections using compression fittings.

Copper was the most popular material for years until the braided lines came along. While either of these choices is acceptable for the water services supply lines, you need to be sure other work is best left to the professionals. Finding the right plumbing services means asking them about all the different choices you have and allowing them to do the work on places like the sewers that require professional expertise.

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