Ancient Toilets and Sewer Systems

We want to think we invented all things new or are so much better than the ancient guys who lived in the stone age, well in some ways we are, but in others they would tell us “been there done that.” Why do I say that? A 2,000-year-old toilet was discovered by archaeologists in a king’s tomb. The king of the Western Han Dynasty in China that was probably existent between 206 BC to the year 24 AD had this “toilet,” which had a stone seat, running water and get this, an armrest! The water closet is one of the oldest ever discovered and is sort of, like what we use today. They were not so Stone Age after all!

We should be thanking ancient Romans for their developments in all things plumbing. The Romans built huge sewers and amazing aqueducts for bringing water down from mountains into Rome. Cloaca Maxima is one sewer still in use. The Romans also loved public baths and had their largest public bath handling over 3,000 individuals. Talk of crowded!

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